About Us

Adika Taxi is a pioneer in the tour and travel industry and has been expanding its presence to meet the growing demand for modern and reliable taxi services. The company is entering the market with a well-known brand that has existed in the country for over two decades.
As a result of its commitment to providing high-quality services, Adika Taxi has established itself as a reputable and reliable transportation provider. The company's expansion efforts aim to continue meeting the ever-increasing demand for safe, comfortable, and affordable transportation services in the market.

Our History

Adika Taxi Service Plc offers technologically advanced transportation services, including meter taxis, car rentals, ride-hailing, delivery, shipping, and carpooling. The company has a well-established brand that has existed for over two decades and has expanded services to meet corporate customers' and stockholder demands. All employees and affiliated drivers are fully trained, and all transportation services are tracked.